Would You Like To Try Out Some Of The Best Birmingham AL Restaurants?

We have found Birmingham AL, and you know what time it is, not tool time, restaurant time. What restaurants do I have to show you today? Well, Birmingham is full of them, so I am going to have to be a little picky. Let’s go ahead and see what’s out there as you enjoy spending time in one of the best cities that Birmingham has to offer.

Saw’s Soul Kitchen is the first one, and I just had to pick this one because it serves up soul food. I have to be honest about the main image I am seeing on a top travel site though. It is a little bit lacking when it comes to what I would be looking for when it comes to soul food. However, that is just one plated choice entree and sides, and there is plenty more to discover. Enjoy burgers, trout, coconut cake and more.

Next up is Hot & Hot Fish Club, and you are talking about okra, soft shell crab, duck and more. One reviewer mentions that this restaurant serves up seasonal foods, so that is really interesting. Those are two really good restaurants so far, don’t you think? You are really going to think this next one is unique for sure.

It is Post Office Pies, and it is a pizza place. It kind of almost makes you think you’re​ about to find a bakery, doesn’t it? Reviews mention brick oven pizza, and pepperoni cheese bread is also mentioned, among other things. Will these three restaurants suffice for your visit to Birmingham AL? They sound great to me, pizza, soul food and a fish place that serves up fried okra. Now you just need to find barbecue, Mexican food and Italian food to round out your trip. Maybe we will be back to Birmingham to visit more restaurants soon.