Yikes: Alabama Policeman Discovers Bolt Inside His Arby’s Sandwich

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — When Birmingham Police Sgt. Patrick Cosby went through the Arby’s drive-through late last Thursday night, he bit into an unpleasant surprise. Inside of his classic roast beef sandwich, he discovered a 1-inch long metal bolt stuffed in the middle of the meat.

Now, the officer is left wondering how it could have been an accident. “I’m playing this out in my head,” Cosby said to Fox News. “I wondered if it was intentionally done.”

According to the company and the Jefferson County Health Department, the bolt came from a faulty meat cutter. They say that they bolt fell off the machine and into the meat that ultimately made it onto Cosby sandwich. The same device has caused similar issues before.

Cosby still has his doubts, and he asserts he was targeted because he is an offic...

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Take Apartments Birmingham Al Rental Agreements Seriously

Take apartments Birmingham AL rental agreements seriously Before you can go and live in an apartment, it is always important for the right measures to be put in place. After you have checked the apartments you want and have decided on a final one to rent, you need to take apartments Birmingham AL rental agreements seriously. Yes, a lot of tenants have been taught great lessons because they did not have the fast or sharp reasoning to demand a rental agreement before they paid their rent and moved into the apartment.Read More

What To Look Out For When Renting Apartments Birmingham Al

What to look out for when renting apartments Birmingham AL

There are a lot of reasons why furnished and fully or partially serviced apartments are recommended to be the best. Although these apartments were previously not so popular, they have become today due to the many unique features they offer and also the benefits they bring. For individuals who want to find the best vacation stay alternatives, these rentals are perfect especially for workers, students and so on.

If you will be going to one of the universities in Birmingham and you do not want to stay in the school dorm because you want your privacy, you can always count on the right apartments in Birmingham that are close to the various universities to offer you with the best serviced accommodation...

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Things To Consider When Renting Apartments Birmingham Al

Things to consider when renting apartments Birmingham AL

The process of renting apartments is not an easy process like a lot of people make it seem. There are a lot of important things that you will need to take into consideration to make the process a successful one. For most people, it mostly has to do with their comfort and for others; it has to do with their budget or the cost of the apartment they are renting. Some others consider several other things.

Well, all that is needed in the long run is true satisfaction which is why the right methods need to be considered if apartments in Birmingham AL should be rented successfully. First, make sure you consider the right features that are extremely necessary to you...

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Apartments Birmingham Al Rental Tips For The Best Price

Apartments Birmingham AL rental tips for the best price

Visiting Birmingham AL can be so much fun, but if you want to go and live there for a long time to raise your family and so on, you will need to rent apartments. Based on exactly you have been planning to stay in Birmingham AL, there are so many apartments available for rent that you can consider or can rent at reasonable prices. There are apartments that are quite affordable in Birmingham AL and you can benefit from these apartments if you search very well.

With the prices of everything going high and the real estate industry quite shaky, you can always rent apartments at low prices without having to worry about the quality or even amenities especially when you search well. You can have the price of apartments you want to rent in Birmingham reduced by asking the landlord for a discount...

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