New Decatur apartments designed to bring luxury and amenities to senior citizens

Ground has been broken and construction cranes are moving at The Holbrook Decatur, a new state-of-the-art community, specially designed for the 50-plus, active lifestyle market. Unlike any other property available in today’s marketplace, The Holbrook is being created for people passionate about living life to the fullest in an upscale environment, complete with premier amenities, according to a news release.

The Holbrook Decatur is the first in a series of four new Holbrook communities slated to open in Atlanta and surrounding areas over the next few years. Located on Clairmont Road near Emory University, the $73.7 million, five-story luxury development will feature 71 apartments and open during the spring of 2019.

“We have carved out a new niche when it comes to active adult living and are pleased to launch our new Holbrook Life concept of living life with passion and purpose in Decatur,” said Vickie Curl, president of Speak Life Management, which owns The Holbrook brand. “We are fervent believers in living life to the fullest and are committed to creating the ultimate living environment – a place that exudes energy, connection and life-affirming amenities and programs.”

One of the core philosophies of The Holbrook is that aging is a part of life and does not equate to decline; rather it offers new opportunities for growth and development, fresh chances to pursue happiness and more time to live the good life, stated a news release.

Partnering on The Holbrook communities are Solomon Development Services, Needle Development, Choate Construction Company, CDH Partners, and Harrison Design. “Our best-in-class partners are integral players in helping accomplish these innovative projects,” adds Al Holbrook, chairman and visionary of Speak Life Management. “We’ve enjoyed long, successful relationships with our select partners and are fortunate to have them on our team, creating vibrant, meaningful environments for people sharing a desire for embracing a purposeful, fulfilling lifestyle.”

In addition to the elegant architecture and designer finishes, Holbrook residents will have access to the latest in amenities, promoting healthy living through both health and wellness. From filtered air and mineral water to UV lighting and circadian lighting; a salt water pool, positive ION emission and aromatherapy; to full spa services, concierge physician and wellness services; yoga and Pilates, spin classes and resistance training to art and ceramic classes. The Holbrook will also offer wine bars, local taps, coffee bistros, and multiple dining venues with professional chef kitchens, and master grilling stations for a complete culinary experience.

When exploring potential sites for Holbrook communities, several criteria are factored in to the strategic selection process. Decatur’s location offered proximity and easy access to Emory University’s continuing education and high quality healthcare; churches and synagogues; the Town Square and numerous restaurants; and greenway trails for running, walking and biking.

“We are thrilled DeKalb was selected for The Holbrook’s first community,” said Katerina Taylor, president and CEO of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce. “DeKalb has one of the highest aging populations in Georgia, and this development will greatly support our growing and diverse community. The Holbrook truly exemplifies a new phenomenon in housing and has sparked a heightened and enthusiastic level of interest and anticipation. The projected economic impact of The Holbrook Decatur will be a welcomed boost to our economy.”

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