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Yikes: Alabama Policeman Discovers Bolt Inside His Arby’s Sandwich

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — When Birmingham Police Sgt. Patrick Cosby went through the Arby’s drive-through late last Thursday night, he bit into an unpleasant surprise. Inside of his classic roast beef sandwich, he discovered a 1-inch long metal bolt stuffed in the middle of the meat.

Now, the officer is left wondering how it could have been an accident. “I’m playing this out in my head,” Cosby said to Fox News. “I wondered if it was intentionally done.”

According to the company and the Jefferson County Health Department, the bolt came from a faulty meat cutter. They say that they bolt fell off the machine and into the meat that ultimately made it onto Cosby sandwich. The same device has caused similar issues before.

Cosby still has his doubts, and he asserts he was targeted because he is an offic...

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