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Why a Birmingham man wants to be called ‘Elephant Man’

An elephant hello: ears back and trunk up. Photo by Kelsey Freeman.
Bryan Council (c/o David Sher)

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There’s never been a neighborhood in Birmingham that’s gone through a more drastic transformation than Avondale.

A few years ago some people outside the community would have been afraid to get out of their cars.

Now there are individuals and families from Mountain B...

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No, Birmingham doesn’t need to pay for a new arena

From 2015: Over the past five years, they have allocated money toward improving the appearance of 87-year-old Legion Field. Though structurally sound, it has needed some attention aesthetically, Mayor William Bell said. (Kelsey Stein |

Every time I bring it up, people accuse me of hating Birmingham. Or UAB. Or sports. Or progress. Or concerts. Or hope.

But here we go, one more time for the people in the back.

I’m thrilled that the Birmingham Hammers are being bumped up to the United Soccer League and I’m happy for UAB fans that their football team is returning, but…

The last thing Birmingham needs is a new publicly financed stadium.

If the market wants to provide a privately financed stadium or a stadium paid for by UAB student fees, please do.

Ham-fisted Mayor William Bell ...

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